Friday, February 15, 2019

The Harvard Ranch: Tiling The Shower, Part Deux

There are few things in house renovation as exciting as seeing countertops being installed. One moment you have cabinets with no top, where they look almost flimsy in their incompleteness, but then you put the granite on top and suddenly it looks legit.


So the kitchen is coming along. We still have shelves to install and backsplash to tile, but we're getting there. In the meantime, take a closer look at the granite. So beautiful. I desperately want to knead dough on it.

My task while waiting for the countertops to arrive was to finish grouting the bathroom. I starting with the lip that the glass panel will sit on (forgot to take a picture of it) and then moved on to grouting the three shower cubbies. They are such small spaces that I mostly used my hands, which means I'll have grout on my skin for the next three days, but I guess that's part of renovating, right?

What's interesting about this marble is that when wet it nearly changes color, turning darker, almost  shades of blue. I'm already so, so jealous of whoever buys this house, simply for the bathroom. And I'm not even done grouting the floor, the vanity hasn't been installed, but still. It's going to be gorgeous.

We're nearly there.

~ Stephanie

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