Thursday, September 20, 2018

Painting Chairs

So! Those two chairs I bought at Brimfield Antiques Show for $25/piece (I KNOW! A steal). I knew when I purchased them that I'd want to paint them black because I love black dining chairs. There's something so classic about them. And I've found in my staging endeavors that people use too many different wood tones in their decorating. Wood floors, a different wood table, wood trim, wood chairs. The easiest way to fix that? Swap out your chairs for a classic black or white.

So first thing, I did just a little sanding on the chairs, just to clean anything off them, dirt, residue, etc. I didn't go crazy, just enough to have a clean surface. Then I wiped them down with a wet paper towel and let them air dry for a minute. Then I used spray paint in a shiny black. Your local hardware store should have multiple options for you. Make sure you purchase one that says it can be used on wood.

It took 3/4 of a can per chair. I did it outside on the driveway but I still should have used a mask. And I just sprayed in continuous streams, back and forth, about 8 inches from the surface, until the wood was covered. Then you have to let the paint dry for an hour (I'd suggest more, just in case). And voila, beautiful dining chairs! I'm not keeping these for myself, as I don't have a dining room, but I will be using them to stage a house this weekend. And they're going to elevate the slightly dating dining room. It's going to look fantastic. 

Happy painting!

~ Stephanie



  1. I loved the chairs in their natural color, but I love them even more in black! And I agree, so much more versatile.

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