Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Staging A Dream Home

This past weekend I staged a dream of a home. Located in Westford, Massachusetts (the same town as The Chalet) this house is three beds, two baths, an office, a finished basement, open-concept living/dining/kitchen, a lovely backyard, oh, and a Jacuzzi in the master bedroom. A legit outdoor-Jacuzzi. Additionally, there's a storage space off the master that personally I'd turn into another bedroom. Also, the master bathroom is big enough to divide into two. Okay fine, yes, I thought about what I'd do if this house was mine.

The homeowners are moving across the country so I was able to use some of their furniture. The master bedroom, for example, had a million-pound sleigh bed that we could not budge even a millimeter to get the rug under it.

This master though. There's a picture window and a vaulted ceiling. It's basically the size of my entire apartment. Actually, I think it might be bigger. But it didn't need much, just some color. There was just a little too much brown. Wood floors, wood furniture, brown carpet. So I introduced little bits of color, nothing crazy, just some blues and pink.

The master bathroom is gynornmous. I really think it would be better suited if it was divided into two bathrooms. Because then if you finished the storage space you'd have two bedrooms with en suites. But I mean if you're into really big master bathrooms then you could just keep it as is.

Also, if you're into having a master suite on the second floor and the rest of your family or guests on the first floor, then you'd probably be into this house. Now I'm daydreaming about this house being mine...

The bedroom below was being used as a second office and had two desks in it. I turned it back into a bedroom with a twin bed and a dresser and plenty of room to move around.

(I so badly want to paint this dresser a crazy color, like salmon. Or hunter green.)

So it turns out, the dining table had two leaves (they were in my uncle's basement). I didn't know until recently. Which was super convenient as the dining room in this house is fit for a large table.

Imagine hosting Thanksgiving here, your kitchen just steps away, a fire crackling in the fireplace.

As fireplaces go, this one isn't half bad. (I'll take two, please.)

The kitchen island can technically accommodate three seats, but I went with less so it wouldn't feel crowded.

Lastly, we have the living room. Vaulted ceiling. French doors walking out to the patio and fire pit. A picture window. Gorgeous hardwood floors. Is there anything else you could want? I can't think of anything.

This room is all light. I was there throughout the day and it was light and bright the entire day. By the end of the day, exhausted from staging, I so wanted to take a nap.

Quick aside. Take a close look at this couch. Notice anything? This was my first staging job using this couch. I had ordered it from Wayfair, took it out of the box, and brought it to this house. And only then realized that 4 of the 8 legs were missing. This couch can be pulled apart and used as two chairs, depending upon the space. So it needs eight legs. I started to panic. Like, really panic. And then my staging assistant and I realized that we might potentially be able to take legs off of chairs I wasn't using on this job and see if they fit. We did find four that fit, except, as you may have noticed, they were significantly longer than the legs meant to be used with the couch. So the couch is leaning. (I contacted Wayfair's customer service and they are shipping me the remaining legs and they were so easy to deal with.)

That window. I don't think anything else needs saying. Imagine watching the leaves fall, or watching a snow storm while binge-watching Outlander episodes while a pot of veggie chili is simmering in the other room...

Lastly, just some little touches. New plaid pillows (because I couldn't resist), extra seating that doubles as an ottoman, just enough color to make the room exciting.

My taste doesn't usually come off as feminine. I lean towards greys and blues, plaid and strips. I steer clear of pink and frills. But I think that sometimes, as is the case with the books on the console table, pink can blend well with grey and not come off as ultra-girly.

Flowers. Always flowers. They don't need to be all colors of the rainbow. They can be white or green or even be branches. It's just nice to have something alive (or in this case, the allusion of something alive - my flowers are all artificial) in your living spaces.

In staging, and life, there will always be things that go wrong. The challenge is how you handle them. Do you panic and quit? Or do you think of a potential solution and give it a try?

Another day, another house staged.

~ Stephanie

What if I just keep those pillows instead of using them in future stages. Because that plaid would look really good on my couch next to my kitties...


  1. Another win, Stepher. Kudos! Your imaginary scenarios for that living room window were so spot on! You deserve this house for yourself, obviously.

  2. well I certainly would be okay with living in a barn if it looked like that! it's beautiful but also looks cozy and homey, love it!This house is like a dream!! Amazing outdoor space. property search

  3. Fantastics interiors !
    Thank's for sharing !
    I love your dream home ....
    Thank you this post, love all the gorgeous images you sourced for us to see your " dream home" .. Construction in armenia.


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