Monday, January 29, 2018

The Chalet: Living Room Reveal

The thing about the living room in these pictures is that it doesn't look awful. The fireplace was in great condition and the flooring doesn't look cheap in this photo. But it was and the smell in this house was enough for Nemo not to want to come inside. 


Flooring was removed, the ceiling was scraped, repainted, the walls were repainted, new hardwood floors were installed along with trim around the top of the fireplace. I really forgot how much stuff was left behind in this house. Yes, that's a working Kitchen-Aid on the table. My dad kept it. Oh that's where that vase came from! I wondered where I got it. See, this is why buying these kinds of houses are so awesome, because of all the gems you get to keep. And that greenish arm chair in the back is currently being reupholstered because there was no way I could throw it out. 

And that little white patchwork table went home with Olivia and she added some wood and stained it and it looks grand.

So that's the living room. I'm slowly coming to terms with the fact that this house will soon belong to someone else and they'll move their furniture in and I'll no longer get to enjoy this amazing open space. I just hope they love it as much as I do. 

~ Stephanie



  1. I CANNOT BELIEVE THAT ROOM. I mean I can, because... you. But seriously... unreal transformation. I would twirl in happiness if I got to walk into that room every day.

  2. In every single room, you managed to make a dark (and scary) space into something light, airy and welcoming. That living room is so cozy and the view through the glass sliders to the deck is unreal.

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