Thursday, April 6, 2017

Graceland: Self Doubt

This week the plumber and his apprentice started work on Graceland. We picked up the soaker tub that will be in the upstairs bathroom and are waiting on the two shower bases, but once they arrive we can begin the tile work (who's excited to grout?). I went to the carpet place and paid the down payment, which means the carpets for the bedrooms along with the flooring for the basement will be installed in two weeks. Eeek! It's really coming together quickly, it seems. But each day, when I have to make another decision - the kitchen sink, the bathroom vanities, the kitchen cabinet style, the paint colors, tile - it's like there's a little girl in my head running around blindly banging into walls screaming her head off.

What if I am making all the wrong decisions? What if no one actually likes Creme Maple Glaze cabinets? What if it looks too fussy? What if the porcelain tile actually looks horrible once installed in the bathroom and then with the vanity it looks completely wrong?

With so much money on the line I think it's probably natural to second guess your design choices, sure. Like the kitchen layout, or the choice to blow out the bathroom closet and add in a shower (will it feel too crowded without enough storage space?). What's funny, is that the one thing I am certain about is the right choice is my decision to paint the fireplaces white. That I wanted to do the moment I stepped foot in the house, and which my bestie Olivia absolutely hates the idea of (It's okay, Liv, we can still be friends even though we disagree on this, promise.).

What if whitewashing the breezeway/sunroom turns out to be a horrible decision? What if, what if, what if?

Renovating houses and putting everything on the line to do so is very stressful. And I guess I won't know if my choices were right or a little bit off until the first open house when we hear feedback from potential buyers. So until then I will continue to worry that every decision I make is wrong. But hey, I come by worrying honestly so it's not like this is something new.


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  1. White-wash away, girl. You make excellent choices that always look stellar! I believe in you!


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