Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Porchlandia: The Kitchen

Somehow the whole "Fall Back" part of daylight savings is not working on me and I feel completely exhausted even though I slept until 10 (11). This must be a sign of getting old. Or just having too many jobs and not enough time off? That's probably it. Anywho, this weekend I said goodbye to Porchlandia. We've done everything we can on it and now we just wait impatiently until someone makes an offer. This is the worst part, in my mind, because I am a professional at being impatient. It's been on the market exactly one week but it feels like it's been a month. 

For the most part all of the showings have returned really positive feedback but then Friday night we got comments back from a showing that were negative but in a way that felt really personal. Maybe it's because I've been dealing with rejection for over a decade (of the literary variety), but I think there's a distinction between passing on a manuscript or house or job candidate, etc., and being hurtful about it. With there being so much negativity in the world I just think it's unnecessary. Be conscious of how you react to those you interact with.

The kitchen is my favorite place in any home (except my own, simply because my kitchen contains only a square foot of counter space and a mini oven) and this house is no exception. The choice of cabinets and countertops was probably standard in the 70's but lent a darkness to the space. Also, sticking that bulky fridge in the middle of it all was a poor layout choice.

We didn't add any windows to make the space brighter, in case you were wondering. In fact, we actually put in new, smaller windows over the breakfast bar. But light and bright, that's what we aim for. White cabinets, light backsplash, light countertops, and recessed can lights instead of the track lighting that was there.

I think there's actually more storage space now and definitely more counter space, especially with the breakfast bar. And somehow, though the walls weren't changed, it feels wider in here. I don't know how that's possible but it really feels bigger.

So... that's it. That's the inside, all done. And now we wait for someone to make an offer so we can find our next house. On the plus side, at least I'll get to sleep in for a few weekends!



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