Monday, September 19, 2016

Porchlandia: Rehab vs. Buying New

Last week father tasked me with sanding the radiators. Just the thought alone gives me an eye twitch. Sanding is pretty much in the same column as getting a root canal, stubbing your toe, skinning your knee, etc. Have you ever had your teeth sanded? Because I have and it's not fun. (The eye twitch is getting worse.) So sanding rusty radiators had be thinking I'd rather not, but instead of having to buy new ones, and they are in nine places through the house, the electrician suggested to my father that we just sand them and repaint them. 

I didn't take a before photo of the radiators, mostly because I was miserably trying to block out the feeling and noise by blasting Beyonce in my headphones with a hoodie up over my head, gloves on my hands (both my dad and Larry were making fun of my singing), but suffice it to say that they were not only rusty but covered with detritus from years of human residents and then seven years of rodents. So... they were gross.

 So I sanded them and it was awful and I'm so glad it's over. And then over the weekend I painted the removable pieces and began spraying the non-removable pieces (while being very careful not to get it on the beautifully painted walls (Benjamin Moore's Revere Pewter).

It's amazing how quickly paint transforms something from gross to shiny and new. So I just have to finish up painting the parts inside the house and then the panels can be reattached to their respective homes and we'll be good to go. Money saved and old parts get reused. 

Wait until you see what's going on outside the house. A lot of trees were cut down over the weekend and the decks are getting an update and a level fell out of my dad's hand and landed on my head and I had a bit of an egg but it's all okay. The house is really coming along and it's lovely and I'm obsessed.



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