Thursday, December 17, 2015

Ranch House - Basement

I really am kicking myself for not having taken pictures of the basement when we started the flip. But honestly, it kind of scared me. It was so dark, the carpet was grooooosssss, and all the items left behind by the previous owner made my germaphobic meter skyrocket. I'm shivering just thinking about it. 

So the pool table and treadmill were carried out along with the garbage and carpet and we were left with oddly pink walls, a gross popcorn ceiling and cement floors. 

The basement is about 500 square feet, with plenty of space for a play room (or man cave), an office, storage space and the laundry, but it was so darn dark that I would never want to spend time down there.

So I painted and painted and my father created the wood panels that house the can lights, add in some carpet and voila! I can see this being turned into a play/family room with a plush sectional, toy bins and a large TV.

Next we'll head up the stairs and explore the dining/living area. Get ready for the most amazing railing you've ever seen. 



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  1. To me, this space is one of the most dramatic transformations. It went from icky to easy to decorate!


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