Thursday, October 23, 2014

Kissing Frogs Totes

So my next book is done. It's called KISSING FROGS. It's the first in a series about a single twenty-something living in Boston, going on awesomely awful dates, hanging out with great girlfriends and dealing with family drama.

I've been thinking lately about how to promote KISSING FROGS around Boston because in a sense this book is a love letter to my city. And I thought, Who doesn't love a tote bag? I use totes to carry my groceries and gym clothes. And sometimes carrying food to and from a friend's house (especially if I'm baking for them and need to transports a slew of ingredients). So I had a handful of totes made and they arrived last night!

Beans wasn't totally thrilled at being stuffed into the bag but she was a good sport.

How cute are they, though? I can't wait to see my friends walking around Boston carrying them and in turn promoting my book!

Check back next week for the KISSING FROGS cover reveal!

Happy Reading... and toting!


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