Monday, June 9, 2014

Father Daughter 2

Guys, it's official. My father bought me knee pads and a one-handed screw gun... though I still used two hands.
Since last weekend, my father had finished pouring the cement and framed the deck. He also worked on the roof and gutted the upstairs which is going to be turned into a massive master suite. I want to pick up this house, move it to Boston, and buy it myself. Except, then it would probably be a half million and lord knows I do not have that kind of dough.

So here we have the framed deck. Saturday's task was to screw down the wood while staggering the planks so that they didn't all end in the same spot. Also, because of temps going from 90 degrees down to the single digits throughout a year, you have to leave space between the planks for expansion and shrinkage. It was a process that really needs two people.

Here you see the gorgeous screw gun I spent the day wielding. Is it weird that I really enjoyed using it? I definitely wore down the bit though. So sue me, it was my first go.

So many caterpillars! We kept having to pick them up and move them so they wouldn't get smooshed underfoot. 

I went through two boxes of screws and we didn't even finish the deck. While I was screwing in the boards my dad was working on cutting the beams for overhead. 

I was mildly obsessed with the variations in the boards. Some almost looked like zebra patterns. And I know this might sound weird to people who have never been around construction but I grew up with a woodshop in the basement of our house - I love, love, love the smell of wood shavings after using an electric saw. 

How good does that deck look? It's coming along nicely. And I did that! It feels really good to have a physical product in front of me after a day spent hunched over on my knees (knee pads look cool but really aren't that fun to wear, especially when you pull them too tight and they cut into your skin, lesson learned). I think this week while I'm at work my father is probably going to move inside so hopefully soon I'll have some indoor transformation pictures for you. 

Thanks for following along on my journey! I'm thinking a pink toolbelt might be a good thing to ask for for my birthday...


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