Monday, September 13, 2010

"Summer At Nineteen" - A Reader's Response

Last Christmas my aunt bought a few copies of "Summer At Nineteen" and as a gift to me donated them to the library in Milford, CT (the setting for the book). I honestly just assumed they'd get tucked away on a shelf and never make it into someone's hands but I was wrong! During my usual morning site checks (you know, first I go to Perez, then LaineyGossip, then cuteoverload and lolcats) I noticed I had acquired a new fan on my facebook fanpage. ("Like" me here.) That in itself is always excited, especially when it's someone I don't know. So I sent her a message because lo and behold she lives in Milford. And guess what? She sent me a beautiful message in reply!
For those who don't know, the setting for "Summer At Nineteen" is my absolute favorite place. I spent every summer of my childhood in Milford and what I love about the fan's response is that she shared some of her own memories from growing up there, memories about seaglass (which threads its way through the book and is much harder to come by than it used to be - I couldn't find a single shard when I visited this past Fourth of July) and the sand and playing on the rocks. I just love that we share this special place and that she appreciated this book even more for it.
Oh and PS, she is not a Young Adult. Not by any stretch of the imagination. That's the best part, I think, knowing that S@19 exceeds its intended audience. Awesome!
Anyways, that felt good and I thought I'd share. I got another rejection this morning so this sort of evens out my emotions for the day.
Happy reading!

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  1. Stephanie, Just to let you know I am thinking of climing those rocks again and looking in those little nooks and crannies to see if by any chance there is some lost piece of seaglass which I would immediately claim as one I must have put there over 60 years ago! LOL...
    On another note - a friend of mine is looking to read your book also... Am sure its being well circulated!
    Looking forward to reading more of your books!
    Good wishes!


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