Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Stow Bungalow - First Floor Bedrooms Revealed

I just want to start off by saying that paint color and the stain of your floors absolutely affects the light in a room. You may disagree with me but the images below are proof of that. All three first-floor bedrooms line the Eastern facing side of the house so in the morning the light in them is incredible. But seriously, changing the paint color and using a clear stain on the floor drastically changes things.

This room (below) faces the street with three big windows and still felt drab. And now the room feels so bright and big with room for a dresser and a desk. I also should add, though I lack pictures of it, that all three bedrooms were connected by doors so those door were removed and drywall was put in place of them to give actual division between bedrooms. 

Lastly, the blue bedroom, which had a couple of Tom Sellick posters on the closet door and was very... blue. We had to borrow the closet to run electrical and plumbing to the second floor so instead it now has new closets which are actually bigger than the original closet. And there's still wall space for a dresser or desk. Everyone wins. 

 ~ Stephanie


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