Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Just A Few More Weeks

If you watched my Instagram stories over the weekend you saw I am easily distracted, especially when it comes to the sun room. I grew up in a house with a room we called the greenhouse, which is two stories of windows and gets so sunny and warm that you just want to curl up and snooze. The sun room has that same feel - three walls of windows, great light all day, and now with a new ceiling, new shiplap, and hopefully soon newly sanded and stained floors, it's the perfect room for a Sunday snooze. 

If you watched my stories then you also saw the unconventional renovation of the first floor bath. We used to get port-a-potties to use while renovating but we stopped doing that a couple houses ago and it means that one bathroom always needs to be available and therefore, I left the toilet in the first floor bathroom (for now) and tiled around it. I love this tile so much. This bathroom is going to be the bathroom all the guests use and therefore needs to hide dirt temporarily until they go back to their own homes and you can clean. So a matte tile with slight pattern is perfect. And since the shower tile is so dramatic it needed to be unremarkable so as to not pull the eye away. I can't wait until it's all grouted and the new toilet is in and the vanity is installed because I think this bathroom is going to be gorgeous. 

~ S


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