Thursday, April 15, 2021

The Sunroom Progress

 We hope to be ready to list the 1850s Homestead in 4 weeks. Whether we are able to stick to that or are forced to push the list date further out we shall see. But I'm hopeful that a month from now I'll be staging the home.

Yesterday, while my father worked to complete the sunroom (below), I was up on the second floor in two of the bedrooms removing the baseboard and trim so that our electrician can get in and remove the knob and tube wiring and replace it with new wiring that's up to code.

So there wasn't anything wrong with the sunroom, per se, but once I tore up the carpet it was all one tone - floor, walls, ceiling. It needed contrast and even though it gets tons of light, it was clear the room could be even brighter if some white was introduced. My father decided on shiplap and drywall and I suggested we bead board the ceiling so that the room wasn't all white. And, as it turned out when my father started pulling the original boards off the window trim, most of the room wasn't insulated. So with that remedied, the sun room is on its way back to being a spectacular room, albeit brighter and more temperature appropriate. 

I just want to lay on a couch in here and nap/read all afternoon.

~ Stephanie


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