Monday, April 19, 2021

Learning About Tile

The weekend we were originally supposed to close on the 1850 Homestead there was an issue on the seller's end and we weren't able to close until the following Monday. So that weekend, instead of being able to start demo, my father and I went looking for tile inspiration. What we found was this gorgeous 48x48 porcelain tile. That was it, we had found it. 

But then this past weekend when it was finally time to purchase all the tile, we discussed the logistics of working with tile this size we ultimately decided it would be easier to use something even a tiny bit smaller. So here we have the tile we ended up going with, which is 24x48. And yet it still took both of us working together to lay each piece.  

So we didn't get as far as I'd hoped over the weekend, but at least one of the showers is nearly finished as well as a third of the soaking tub. So we're on our way, albeit slowly. 

~ S


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