Tuesday, February 9, 2021

Welcome to the 1850 Homestead


It's been seven months since we sold our last renovation house. In that time, we went under agreement on two properties but ended up backing out over various issues, put numerous offers in on other properties always losing out to higher bids (for an example of house crazy the housing market outside of Boston has been during Covid, we went 100k over asking on offer and STILL lost out), and then finally in November had an offer accepted on a house I never thought we'd get. And now in February it's officially ours. 

This property was built in 1850 (so our oldest house to-date) and the previous owners had it for 42 years. You can tell that even though it's rough around the edges and outdated,  this home has been loved. None of our previous houses has felt uniquely New England to me, but this house sure does. I mean it still has the original well house (see top picture). I haven't peeked inside there just yet because of the snow but I promised a friend I would post a video of what's inside when I do.

What I love most about this house is the history and charm (and also how it's not as gross as every other house we've renovated). The floors are gorgeous and have been so well-maintained. And that banister - one of the houses we lost out on in the fall had a gorgeous banister and I realized that's all I really wanted in our next house. So, wish granted. The wrap-around porch has so much charm (I'll post that later) and the attached carriage house is going to be turned into the family room, while keeping much of it's current charm (like the gorgeous sliding barn door). 

There will be a lot more to come as we get going on this renovation. I'm so excited to share it with you as I think this home is so lovely and charming (and the kitchen is going to be huge, which my dad always makes sound like a bad thing, but honestly, when has having a huge kitchen ever been a negative thing?). Follow along on Instagram for real-time updates (@blackburnfamilydesign). I think you're going to love this house as much as I already do.

~ Stephanie


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