Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Paint Colors - An Ode to Anxiety

 This past weekend we spent a day shopping - ordering shower bases, a tub, looking at replacement windows, shower fixtures, and paint. Let me say that picking a paint color always seems easy and I feel so sure and then immediately afterward, pulling out of the parking lot with the 5-gallon bucket in the back of the truck, I have intense buyer's remorse. Always. Ohmygod - did I pick the completely wrong color? 

For the 1850s Homestead, I went into the design planning on a color I'd seen a well-known interior designer use recently in her own home. It looked great in her Instagram stories. Then I saw the swatch in person and had a physical reaction. Way too yellowy-taupe. And I love taupe, but this was the absolute wrong color for this house.

Currently, the 1850s Homestead has a bright yellow parlor, a dark red dining room, and now that I'm thinking about it I don't even remember what color is upstairs in the bedrooms - white? Taupe? It's not important because it's all going to get painted and feel reinvigorated. I don't want to remove the charm, because the history is what makes this house special, but the paint color was never part of the charm. And because so many rooms in the house get fantastic light I want to incorporate that throughout with a light paint color.

What I ended up choosing is Sherwin Williams Fleur de Sel (SW 7666). The color is below but even that doesn't look like the swatch currently before me on my desk. So I guess we'll just have to wait and see how it looks once it's on the walls, which I believe is happening this week or next. What I will say is that a few days post-purchase, I am feeling confident again in the color choice. Especially once the white trim is done.

I especially cannot wait to see the red dining room transformed. My nana informed me on Sunday, after walking through the house to see our progress, that you should never paint a dining room red because it induces over-eating. So keep that in mind when you're picking paint colors. Red = glutinous eating. 

~ Stephanie


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