Thursday, June 11, 2020

Staging A Somerville Studio

I was asked to stage a condo in Somerville for a couple who were moving to Colorado. I get it. In a pandemic, with no end in sight, I am constantly thinking about how much I wish I was in Wyoming instead of Boston. To be fair though, they also have a new baby and a boisterous dog, so a studio no longer made sense for them. For a single person or a couple though, this home can absolutely work, quarantine or not. Because on top of the beautiful interior there are two porches.

Whenever this property was renovated, they installed skylights in the bedroom and bathroom and it brings so much light into the space throughout the whole day. It made me so happy while staging.

At first glance, the dining nook didn't seem that big, like fitting 4 chairs would be a tight fit. But then I realized that by utilizing a bench you could actually host five people for dinner. And with a narrow rectangular table and two benches you could host six people. Small spaces do not mean hosting is out of the question. You just have to be creative.

Look at the skylights over the bedroom. The entire time I was staging I kept thinking how much I wanted to crawl into bed, read a book, and take a sun-filled nap. And then imagine in winter, curled up watching the snow fall. I need skylights in my life.

The barn doors were a brilliant touch. They can slide to create a wall for the bedroom, or can slide to cover the closet and leave the bedroom open. They are my favorite barn doors to date and they make the ceiling feel incredibly high. I wish I could have lived in this condo throughout my twenties. Partially because it's on the third floor so my legs would have been killer. 

I'm jealous of whoever ends up living here, but I also wish the couple out in Colorado the best. They enjoyed their time in this condo and now someone else gets to enjoy its beauty. 

~ Stephanie

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