Wednesday, April 22, 2020

The Maynard Cape: Bedrooms Before and After

This house has five bedrooms. It's a lot. And more surprising because from outside the house doesn't look big enough for 5 bedrooms, two baths, plus two extra rooms (a playroom and an office?). None of the bedrooms was particularly horrible, rather, each bedroom had minor issues. The bedroom below is on the first floor. It had a handful of missing drywall. It also had wallpaper that I wish we could have kept but was peeling.

The other first floor bedroom had its own set of issues, mainly paint colors. Three walls were a deep, dark red while the fourth wall was covered in chalkboard paint. I beg of you, if you ever think about doing this please reconsider.

Then we move to the upstairs. The entire upstairs had cheap tile ceilings. When I started pulling them down I had the bat incident. But after the bat moved away the exposed ceilings revealed that the two front rooms had vaulted ceilings that made both spaces feel much bigger.

The smaller of the two vaulted rooms was very tiny prior to exposing the vaulted ceiling. It could be an office or a child's room. It gets light all day and feels so perfect for a nursery. There's plenty of space for a changing table/dresser and the closet is deceptively large. 

The fifth bedroom is huge but was very very dark. I chose not to stage it because it's so big that I don't think it takes a rocket scientist to figure out how your own furniture would fit in it and that's what staging is. I often think back to the Graceland Cape and how there was a comment from a prospective buyer that they couldn't figure out what to do with the huge room between the garage and kitchen. That's why I stage, to help you see how your own furniture might fit into a room.

So there you have it. Five bedrooms, all ready for people to come in and make them their own cozy spaces.

~ Stephanie


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