Monday, April 20, 2020

The Maynard Cape: Bathrooms Before and After

So here we are. Less than 4 months after closing on the Maynard Cape we are fully renovated and back on the market. It's been a whirlwind and I'm so looking forward to sleeping in next weekend but also incredibly proud of the end result. This home is now truly a home. So let's take a look at the bathrooms, where they were and where they are now.

That upstairs bathroom was... pink. Every room in this house was a different color and this was the pink room. The tile on the walls wasn't tile, it was a plastic that should definitely not be in a shower and the floor was linoleum and a pain in my back to pull up. Our plumber installed a new heating system and small radiators. We kept the tub because it was perfectly good, just needed a hard scrub. New tile, new vanity, paint, etc. and you have a light, inviting, though small, bathroom. Not pictured is a large closet, so while it might be small there's plenty of storage. 

We've never used black tile before, but I was determined to try it out. Both bathrooms were a bit dark when we bought the house, but that was mostly attributed to the paint colors, but I still worried that installing black floor tile would not help brighten up the rooms. I'm glad I still gave it a try because I think the black tile doesn't hinder the light and it gives a nice contrast to the light wall tile and paint color. 

The first floor bathroom was interesting. There were built-ins that boxed in the space (I removed those when I was avoiding going upstairs because of the bat(s)). The blue made the room dark, and there was this odd, unusable space behind the shower that was being wasted. The whole thing felt... icky. 

While we didn't add any space to the room (there are bedrooms on either side), the bathroom now feels much bigger. We tore out the existing shower, took down the far wall to extend the shower space (enter shower shelf), tore out the built-ins to create area for laundry, and built it back up. And the black tile in the end proved to not detract from the light at all. And while it was a pain to cut, I would absolutely use hexagon tile again.

~ Stephanie


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