Monday, February 10, 2020

The Maynard Cape: Some Progress

So I suppose that first I need to apologize for no posts last week. The first weekend of February, unbeknownst to me, my sister got a stomach bug and then passed it on to me. It knocked me flat out with zero energy for about three days and so I only lasted a few hours at the house each day. Taking pictures and then blogging about it was the last thing I thought to do when all I wanted was sleep. 

So here we are a week later and a bunch of things have happened at the house. First, the coffered ceiling in the living room was finished and painted. It adds such a lovely element to the living room (though I can't wait until the mint green walls are no more). Also, and of course this happened on a day I wasn't at the house since this is one of my favorite things, the kitchen cabinets were installed. What's so interesting about this is that they are grey but in person they almost look a little blue. I think it's because we have no lights yet in the house and so the afternoon shadows play tricks. But they look really lovely. We went to our usual vendor to pick out the countertop and I neglected in my excitement to take a picture of the slab. But it's a beautiful white quartz with some neat veining. It will help brighten up the space and contrast the cabinets.

I spent part of the weekend tearing up subfloor in what was the illegal upstairs kitchen, but if you've every pulled up subfloor you know it's back-breaking and so after getting less than half of it done one day I had to do something different for a bit. I finished it the next day with the help of my father. It goes so much quicker when there are two people leveraging crowbars.

And so now it's ready for flooring to go in. We were going to turn it into a bedroom, but with five bedrooms already I think it makes the most sense to turn into an office. It gets great light all day, it's far enough from the stairs that it's quiet, and it's a good size room to fit a lot of desk space. I'm excited to see it finished and i hope prospective buyers will love it.

~ Stephanie


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