Thursday, February 13, 2020

The Maynard Cape: Family Day

So the first floor bedrooms have been painted now and I am so happy with the color I chose (which is kind of a miracle because I always have that moment of buyer's remorse, Wait, did I just buy the wrong color?). I knew I wanted to go with a white because this house feels so dark sometimes, usually in the afternoon. But I realize now that two rooms have been painted that it was strictly the paint colors already on the walls that were doing that (hello deep red, navy blue, mint green, pink, and yellow bedrooms). So the paint color I chose is Sherwin William's Sincere White. It's considered a warm white. Already the first floor bedrooms are transformed.

Maybe I'm a mean sister, but I dragged the sister to the house with me on her day off. The drywall guy is coming next week to do the upstairs floor's ceiling and every room had staples leftover in the strapping from those hideous, cheap ceiling tiles. So we spent an hour or so of the morning pulling the staples out. It was easy but tedious. And you can now fully get an understanding of how many different paint colors are in this house from the picture below.

I thought I'd be spending the day grouting the first floor bathroom's floor, but my father had other ideas. So with my sister begrudgingly helping, we installed the backerboard on the first floor shower's walls so that it can now be tiled. Cutting backerboard may be one of my least favorite things because of how much dust it produces. My sister had grey hair by the end of it. 

It's amazing how doing a thing that makes you happy with people you love working around you makes you feel like you're not really working. I love the days when all three of us are at the house because it really feels like a family business. 

~ Stephanie


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