Monday, January 27, 2020

The Maynard Cape: Vaulted Ceilings

Last weekend I was at the house with my dad dropping off a truckload of 2x4s, trim, etc. We went upstairs for my dad to point out that one of the front bedrooms had zero insulation in the ceiling and I spotted a vaulted ceiling through the strapping (see below).

Once I saw the vaulted ceiling I knew we couldn't go back to a standard ceiling. So I begged my dad to vault both front bedroom ceilings (so they'd be matching, because vaulting only one would look weird). I was unable to be at the house this week due to a business trip, so when I walked in on Saturday morning and saw the vaulted ceiling I was frankly wowed. 

Apparently, it was "a pain in the ass" to do, and I know it took up time that could have been spend working on something else, but both rooms feel significantly larger now with the raised ceiling. It's amazing. We didn't add any square feet and yet the rooms feel bigger.

So while my father had to deal with squirrels living in the insulation (at least I'm no longer the only one who experienced a small living critter), I know that this was absolutely the right design decision. I cannot wait to see the rooms painted so I can stage them. They're going to be stunning and so cozy. And like all the other houses, I'm going to wish I could live here.

~ Stephanie


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