Friday, January 3, 2020

The Maynard Cape: New Year's Day

Welcome to 2020! Here's hoping it's a wonderful year full of great change and happiness!

After all the demo on the house last week I was planning on taking New Year's Day off to rest, recharge, do some cooking, snuggle kitties. I planned to spend the day in the lovely new pj's my sister gifted me for Christmas. And then, anxiety set in. Because it seems to me that on every renovation we start off slow and steady, but by the end it's twelve hour days and bouts of anxiety and feeling like there's not enough time in a day and wanting to cry. 

Except, I'm still freaked out about the bat(s). 

So being the manipulative friend that I am, I convinced one of my best girls to come with me to the house for a couple hours. And then instead of doing any of the work that might put me in close proximity to a bat, I let my friend do the work and I just stood nearby under my trusty umbrella. We soon discovered that more than bats have or is currently (god, I hope not) habitating in the eaves because in certain places the insulation was chewed to bits and there were outside implements - hay, leaves, etc. - that fell along with the insulation. 

Olivia, you are a very, very good friend to me. I thank you for not making fun of my inability to be a human being with the thought of tiny, winged rodents nearby. (Sidenote, why do I keep thinking bats are marsupials? Is that true? Did I retain something from middle-grade science or have I officially lost it?)

As I didn't take any photos on New Year's Day, here is one of my favorite photos of the house "before". This is one of the first-floor bedrooms and I wishwishwish this wallpaper was in decent condition because then I would fight to keep it. I love a wallpapered wall behind a headboard. Sadly, this wallpaper is not salvageable. It flakes off in pieces so I can't add it to my collection of framed wallpaper from previous renovations. 

~ Stephanie


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