Thursday, February 28, 2019

The Harvard Ranch: Living Room Updates

The past two days I spent painting. Painting the basement bathroom, touching up the basement walls, the laundry room, the living room, the basement stairs, the bedroom trim, and three coats on the living room built-ins.

I probably could have just cleaned them with a wet paper towel and called it even but I wanted to make sure the room really popped and new paint does that. So I re-painted the shelves, inside of each cubby, the trim, and then the center console had been painted the same color as the walls by the previous owners, so I painted that too. I can't wait to stage this room. And then take a nap in it. 

I was snoozing on the floor of the living room after eating my lunch and daydreaming about living in the house and how perfect the sun-filling living room would be for reading a book and then taking a nap, preferably not on the floor. Basically, I'm just jealous of whoever buys this house because I just love it.

So last week we took a break from the house while the floor guys were in doing their thing. Above is how the floors were when we bought the house. They were lovely but worn down and in need of a shine. Below is what they look like now. I love them. I love how spectacular the grain looks and also how the pegs stand out. 

That's this week's update. I'm so looking forward to staging this house. It's going to be so cozy and classic and I can't wait.

~ Stephanie


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