Monday, January 8, 2018

The Chalet: Master Bathroom Reveal

I was just looking through my slew of before photos and apparently only took two photos of the top floor bathroom when we first started. Probably because it was so scary. I didn't want to spend too long in there because I thought I might catch something. Well, and then I stepped on a nail, so, you know, not my favorite room. But really take a look at this before because... YIKES.

One of my least favorite parts of renovating a house is having to use a port-a-potty in smothering heat, rain, snow, or just on a nice day. It's gross. I work with all guys. It's really gross. And I already have germ issues. But this bathroom was a million times worse than a port-a-potty. And the shower didn't even make sense because the drain was on the opposite end from the showerhead. And why is there a bench beneath the showerhead? Completely nonsensical.

But now...

I'm not saying I've used the toilet, but if I had I would probably say that this room feels huge, that the shower looks straight out of a luxury hotel, and that two people could easily get ready for work in the morning without bumping into each other. And with a walk-in closet attached to the bathroom, you can shower and get ready without leaving the privacy of the bathroom. 

The double vanity I picked has ample storage space but also an open shelf below for towels. I like vanities that aren't solid because they don't feel quite so imposing. Of course in this size bathroom it would have been fine to install a boxy vanity and still the room would have felt big, but why not make it feel even roomier?

For staging, I went with a Kate Spade bath rug (great TJMaxx find), a hand towel from my own bathroom, a rustic scent candle, tissue wrapped soap and lotion. And yes, that's a cake stand that they're on. So many items can be repurposed. Bet you never thought about using a cake stand outside of the kitchen. 

So there you have it - the master bathroom. What do you think, would you shower in there? I mean it's not awful, right?

So much more to come...

~ Stephanie


  1. 10/10 would shower in there. INCREDIBLE! And a cake stand... you innovative magician!

  2. This transformation is unreal! The space is so beautiful. I love the vanity you chose. And I agree, the creativity with the cake stand is amazing! #Brillz

  3. What a transformation!! I love it!


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