Friday, January 5, 2018

The Chalet: Lighting Fixtures

Our electrician finally re-emerged! I started to wonder if maybe he was dead, because who doesn't respond to calls or texts for a month? That's just unheard of. And rude. Just plain rude. 

But anywho, he showed up for a day and installed some lights on the main floor (two more floors to go...). So let's see what you think about the lights we chose. They might look familiar and that's because we chose the Barrington Collection from Kichler, which we used for the chandelier in Porchlandia. I love the metal and wood look, which mixes rustic and modern. I also really like the exposed light bulbs. They don't hurt my eyes as much as regular white bulbs. 

So over the island are two pendants. There's another pendant directly over the kitchen sink but I didn't take a picture of that. But suffice it to say there is plenty of light for cooking between the pendants and the can lights. 

Over the dining table and in the living room are the lights below. It's hard to tell how a lighting fixture is going to look in a space when you're standing in a store looking up at it hanging from a display. Which is probably why I stood staring at fixtures for a good half hour before tentatively picking them. Hopefully they appeal to potential buyers.

The light below is in hallways, the upstairs bathroom closet, and the two top floor bedrooms. I was searching for something classic with smooth lines, and not ostentatious. 

And then in each bedroom is the fan/light below. Because this is a contemporary house and the windows roll outward, you can't use a window AC unit in them. So installing ceiling fans was key. With so many options, we chose this one because it's classy and not huge. The ceilings are high but I had visions of a kid jumping on the bed and hitting an oversize fan. With these fans that won't happen... unless your kid is abnormally tall. 

We chose another ceiling fan for in the basement/family room, picture to come once it's installed. Hopefully our electrician wraps everything up as soon as possible so we can list The Chalet and I can share with you the final photos. 

Fingers crossed.
~ Stephanie


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