Sunday, November 26, 2017

The Chalet: What Once Was New

I hope you had a lovely holiday long-weekend with family and friends. I made way too much food and ate way too much food and regret nothing. 

I spent Friday painting wall trim in the bedrooms in preparation for the carpets going in soon. My sister came and kept me company, so that was nice. Then Saturday I painted the trim below, which will frame the sliders while my dad worked on the family room in the basement. Then we went to pick out lights for over the kitchen island, as well as the dining room and living room. They are rustic and lovely and I can't wait to see them installed.

After, I decided to try and fix up the dining room chairs that had been left behind at The Chalet by the sellers. I saved them to use for staging for the kitchen island, but also, because I knew they'd look so good cleaned up. They just needed some love. They'd definitely seen better days.

So this is what they looked like before, and yes, they were dusty, but they were also really rough like they'd brushed up against hard times again and again. The paint was scuffed in multiple spots. So I sanded them just enough so the new paint would hold and then I used a semi-gloss black spray paint.

Above, the one on the right has been sanded but not painted, so you can see just how dull they looked before. And now they look super classy and I can't wait to line them up along the kitchen island and impress potential buyers.

So that was my weekend. Oh, and I finished painting bedroom trim on Sunday then went shopping for more lights for the upstairs as well as new door handles for the sliders. And Tuesday when I'm there I'll get to see the new garage door go in as well as the counter top installation. Exciting stuff ahead!

~ Stephanie

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  1. Just a little TLC and a coat of paint, magic! They look awesome, very sleek!


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