Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Graceland: Dining Room Reveal

What is there to say about the dining room... it was dark... and purple... and dated. And that chintzy chandelier was so low it might as well have been on the floor. 

Do people realize just hot much light gets cut off when you use big drapey curtains? Also, those curtains were so heavy! If you're trying to renovate your home on the cheap or get it ready to sell, my recommendation would be to really take a look at your window treatments and paint choices. A lot can be gained just by going neutral with paint colors and removing curtains that block natural light. 

Now you can see the stairs from the opposite angle, see how open they are without that wall, and how the dining room flows into the living room. Both doorways into the dining room were widened greatly, which drastically altered the feel of the room.

I mean that door by the stairs was a normal-size doorway before. Look how much space was gained by removing it. And while I only have this small table, there's ample room for a larger one, maybe a farm table to match the farm sink?

So that's the dining room and another view of the kitchen through the widened doorway. And man, are those tufted chairs stunning or what? One of my favorite TJMaxx purchases. 

 ~ Stephanie

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  1. Like the living room, this room was completely and totally transformed. The end result is beautiful!


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