Monday, June 12, 2017

Graceland: Before & After Preview

Alright, I finally got my head on straight. I went back to the house and took all the final photos. So let's get on with the before and afters of Graceland!! Before we begin, just a quick reminder of what the outside looked like when we began on March 21st, not three months ago. There was snow. Peeling paint of a pinky-puke hue. No grass.

But after a power-wash, new paint, new shutters, a new roof, new grass seed on the lawn, new marble front steps, a new brick front walk, we have this...

I'm obviously biased, but this might be the cutest house I've ever seen. I just want to hug it and tell it it's pretty. Anywho, tomorrow we'll move indoors for some drastic before and after. Stay tuned.

~ Stephanie

1 comment

  1. Pinky-puke. Ha! The exterior transformation alone is stunning!


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