Thursday, June 15, 2017

Graceland: Bedrooms, Before & After

Graceland has three bedrooms and a bathroom upstairs. Two of the bedrooms are moderately sized and one is clearly meant to be the master (with two large closets in it). Thankfully, the bedrooms weren't much in the way of work for updating. I tore out the carpets the first week and then we had new blue/grey carpet installed. It still amazes me how just changing paint and carpet can change the amount of light in a room.

Then I removed the wallpaper and curtains and the walls were painted along with the trim. The color I chose for the interior of the house was Basalt Powder by Sherwin-Williams. I just felt with this house being more of a country home than the last house (which was certainly more modern) that going with a lighter, more traditional tone would be appropriate. 


Then in the master bedroom (remember we combined a hallway closet with a small closet in the bedroom to make one large walk-in, which I didn't take a picture of) I tore up this hideous pink carpet and struggled to get the wallpaper fully off. Some wallpaper peels off easily without much fuss, others just hang on for dear life and refuse to let go.

With the colors all being light, I opted to leave the sliding doors their natural dark color. I did this is the guest room on the first floor as well. Plus, it was one less thing to do, and I like having some contrast every now and then.

Though all three bedrooms share one bath, I think having two large closets makes up for it. Plus, I'd personally want to use the downstairs walk-in shower every chance.

And so that's the upstairs. I think a family of four could comfortably sleep in these bright rooms, especially with all the space on the first floor and the basement. We'll travel back downstairs in the next post. Stay tuned.

~ Stephanie

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