Monday, May 8, 2017

Graceland: The Front Door

I am back and we are in the final stretch of renovating Graceland!! Which means... ugh, painting trim. And the front door. Painting trim isn't worth picture taking, I'll spare you the monotony of it. But the front door made a lovely transformation.

When we bought the house it was a muted red. My father asked what kind of a front door would look good with this style house, and while I always love to shop, there was something charming about this door. I wanted to keep it. 

My dad asked what color it should be, then, so I googled "grey house white trim" so see what I could find. Mostly, people use either dark doors or red doors. I've never really been a fan of red, so that was out. My dad suggested using the green paint I used on the front door at Porchlandia, which was Behr's Milkweed Pod. I happily took a break from painting window and door trim to apply two coats of paint and voila!

This week is the big push to get the house finished and ready for prospective buyers so there'll be a steady flow of posts to come. So check back to see how it all turns out!


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