Monday, October 3, 2016

Porchlandia: Nearly There

I walked into Porchlandia this weekend thinking I'd get to tile one of the bathrooms but my father had other thoughts. The carpets are being installed this week into two of the bedrooms and before that happens two closets needed to be painted. So yay... painting. My favorite.

I don't think this picture quite does justice, but if you squint you can see that the left pane is darker than the right. The one on the right had just been painted, while the one on the left had not. The doors were dirty but a simple cleaning wouldn't have been enough.

So I sucked up my dislike of painting and took care of business. And now the carpets can go in. Sidenote: I really love the Revere Pewter paint. It turned out fantastic with the white contrast.

And then to treat myself, because I'd been wanting to do this since day one, I cleaned up the fireplace. It had a pile of ashes inside and needed a pickmeup, and after sweeping those ashes out and vacuuming a bit it was honestly good as new. My dad opened the floo (I didn't want to get even more ash on myself) and thankfully no bats flew out though a bunch of ashes came down. He said he could see clear to the sky. 

I found a few chopped logs in the garage and there it is, ready for a fire. The cobwebs just needed to be cleaned away and now I'm even more in love with this house. I want to move in!! Right now!! I can picture my cats lazing in front of that grate begging me to light a fire and me giving in because they have me wrapped around their little paws.

So there we are, getting closer and closer to staging. Eeeek!! I'm so ready!!



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