Friday, August 19, 2016

Procrastination Recipe: Portobello Mushroom Caps

I got home from demo the other night and was craving a tomato-mozzarella combo for dinner. Looking through options in the fridge I pulled out some leftover sauteed kale, portobello caps, a jar of marinara, and fresh mozzarella. 

It's super easy, healthy, tastes great, and if you're single like me you get a dinner and then lunch for the next day. In a saute pan (or a grill pan, either works) drizzle some olive oil and place mushroom caps face down. This allows the inside to soften. Meanwhile, around the caps I warmed up some already cooked kale. Once the kale was reheated and the inside of the mushroom caps were cooked, I flipped them over and put the kale inside. Then I spooned marinara (any tomato sauce will do) over the kale and put a healthy portion of mozzarella on top to melt.

You can certainly skip the cheese if cheese isn't something you love. But personally, I'm all about cheese, so I heaped it on. I think maybe I'm missing lasagna and wishing I could find really good gluten-free pasta. My mother found really good GF elbows, but I am not sure they make the lasagna noodles without wheat. I've been thinking lately about ways to make lasagna without noodles but with the temps hovering around 90 degrees I think I'll wait a few months before turning my oven on.

Happy Eating!


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  1. This looks incredible! Simple enough that even I could make it.


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