Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Ranch House - Week Eleven

This past weekend was my last time working on the Ranch house. I know, it's crazy! The house will officially go on the market this Friday so that my father can start his winter job of running a ski school. It took us a month longer than he first predicted but as I learned, things don't always go as planned. 

Over Thanksgiving week our wonderful floor guy was in staining, three coats. It looks fabulous, it really does. Do you remember the God awful checkered tile? What a world of difference!

As usual, I spent both days painting. Painting is the bane of my existence. And true to form I got it all over myself. Face, hair, hands, arms, overalls, socks. Ridiculous.

I have been asked on two occasions what the "hole in the floor" is. That, my friends, is the stairs down to the finished basement. When I stage the house this weekend you will finally get to see the railing my father is building. I haven't seen it yet myself, so that'll be a nice surprise.

That is the master bedroom floor and it only looks like different shades because I had a spotlight on. I can't wait to see the custom barn door that my father is building for the master en suite!

The guest bath is now tiled (I believe I picked this tile as my father picked the master bath tile) and the sink and toilet will be installed this week.

And here we have my father grouting the kitchen floor. We couldn't do hardwood because below is cement and then when I wanted to use the long tiles that look like hardwood we couldn't because the floor isn't entirely even. So we went with the tiles that my father originally wanted and begrudgingly I must admit that it looks pretty sharp against the white cabinets. 

This week the countertops and back splash will be installed and then I can finally take a picture of the kitchen in its glory. Until then please enjoy my father's fantastic grout work.

So, I guess that's it. Next week I will do a final write up on the house and then hopefully we'll be able to settle on a next project! I even had a dream the other night about a house we looked at a week ago. Maybe it's a sign...



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