Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Ranch House - Week Seven

Painting as begun. Oy. In truth, this weekend wasn't so bad. I was working on ceiling trim and wall trim for all three bedrooms and part of the hallway. And it was totally fine. Hardly got any one me except for my hands. The previous weekend was another story. I was ready to throttle someone. I got paint everywhere and was just in a really foul mood. This weekend, however, I wasn't nearly as cold because the insulation is in, the house is warmer, I was rocking pigtail braids, I'd had my Dunks Iced Pumpkin coffee, and I had Adele's Hello to sing along with.

Look at that snazzy trim. (Okay, let's be honest. You can't really mess up painting. Still, I do a pretty stellar job.)

So that you can get the full picture of how far we've come along. Below is a picture of the kitchen space a week ago - no walls, just studs, plumping and electrical. 

And now... we have drywall!! Heyo!

And the view of what will be the kitchen from the dining room...

I didn't take a picture of the guest bath because without a light it was pretty dark. However, look at the master bath coming along!

The before, with just studs:

And now with drywall and the boards up in prep for tile!

It was so exciting seeing actual walls up that I was practically giddy. And by the time I'm able to get back there this coming weekend my father quite possibly will have tiled both bathrooms. 

As expected, I am so in love with how this house is turning out. Once the floors are refinished and the cabinets are installed I quite possibly might cry thinking that I was part of this amazing transformation. My only wish is that we could transplant the property into a surrounding suburb of Boston so I could live in it. Ugh. To dream.



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