Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Ranch House - Week Nine

My father's original estimate for completion of this flip was 6 weeks. Then he upped it to 8. Now we're entering the ninth week of work and we're still at least 2 weeks out. But I imagine this is pretty typical of housework, especially when you're dependent upon subcontractors - electricians, plumbers, carpenters who have other priorities outside of your project. So here we are.

I spent all of Saturday painting. Yay. There's no sense in getting upset about it because it has to get done, but man, I do not like painting. Over the week my father had framed all of the interior windows which meant I had to paint them. I will need to do a second coat but already they look great.

Our amazing floor guy was in for a few hours finishing up with the floorboards. He will return in a week to sand the bedrooms and living room floors and then he will spend a few days staining, during which we won't be able to be in the house. And then... it'll be done!

But in the meantime, we have a lot to get done in preparation for that. I couldn't do a second coat of paint on the bedroom walls because holes needed to be patched, so instead I headed down to the basement to work on those walls. The basement was so gross when we started working on the house that I didn't even take pictures. The previous owner left his pool table and a bunch of empty booze bottles and the carpet was nasty and the walls a disgusting shade of pinky-yellow. But now the carpet has been removed along with everything left behind and I am tasked with making the walls an appealing shade of white.

This space will absolutely help sell the property as it adds nearly five hundred square feet. The owners could turn it into a family room or office or even, though I wouldn't suggest it as it doesn't have windows, a fourth bedroom. 

Sadly, I just realized that this basement space is bigger than my entire apartment. Anywho, I will be painting this room white (walls and ceiling) and then we'll have a company come in and do the flooring. 

In the meantime, my father has tiled the kitchen (sans grout) and installed the cabinets. This space was so dark and dismal when we started and now it's light and bright and inviting. The countertop has apparently been ordered (NOT the colour scheme I had wanted, le sigh) and then appliances will need to be purchased and installed. 

So that's the latest update. So much still to be done but comparatively, we're almost there. This house has come so far since the first day nine weeks ago. I can't wait to see the finished product and share it with you. Until then...



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