Friday, November 20, 2015

Ranch House - Week Nine, Part Deux

It's crunch time. As such, I spent two days painting. Yaaaay. But it had to be done. And in a great moment, I pulled out a Jedi mind-trick and convinced my father to paint the basement and living room ceilings. I just threw out the suggestion that if he did it then we'd get done with basement in one day. I never expected him to actually do it.

So the basement painting is complete but now we must wait for the carpet guys to come in and install the flooring. I imagine, with next week being Thanksgiving, that we'll be waiting until after the holiday for it to happen. The electrician was in both days, working on the lighting. Don't you love the front door lights we picked out?

We've been working for over a month now with my father's two construction style lights. I spent part of Tuesday painting the basement with only the light coming in through a tiny window (every though my father said he didn't want any heroes). Two coats on the basement walls and it was done.

So then it was upstairs. The living room needed two coats, the bedrooms each needed a second coat, the closets all needed painting, it was basically a painting extravaganza. And yes, I did get paint all over me but I stopped caring a few weekends ago so it wasn't a big deal. Meanwhile, my father installed the bedroom and bathroom doors, did some tile work, and some patching.

And then, because the floor guy will now be sanding and staining for a week, we had to clean up everything and move all the tools into the kitchen so that he can work unhindered. I had so much dust in my nose and throat by the end. Which reminds me, I need to procure some scented masks for the next house flip. I also need a new phone case because I keep setting my phone down in really dirty places. Minor details. On the plus side, I think that being exposed to so many gross surfaces for two months (and dealing with using a porta-potty, which annoyingly has "Your beautiful" scratched on the wall... spell check your graffiti people!) has somehow lessened my germaphobia. Very slightly. But it's still something.

So now that the space is empty, you can see how our floor guy blended the original floor with new pieces. He will sand the stained pieces down, removing all the grime (and tar from the previous owner's cigarettes) and then stain it all so the floor will be one cohesive colour throughout.

Dad working on dimensions for the railings that will line the stairs.

So that's that from week nine. We've got some outside work to do while the floors are being done so I don't know that I'll have any picture updates next week. Two guys stopped by and measured for the countertop and backsplash but I imagine it'll be at least a week before that arrives. So we wait. And eat a lot of glutinous, vegetarian, gluten-free Thanksgiving fare in the meantime. 


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