Friday, September 25, 2015

Ranch House - Wallpaper and Painting

I spent three days this week working on the Ranch Flip. I went back to working on scraping off the wallpaper and three bottles of Chomp later (I actually had to crawl under the shelf at Home Depot because there was only one bottle left and it was way back in the recesses and I think my dad thought I was losing it) it's all gone. Goodbye wallpaper and good riddance! I then sprayed bleach and sponged the walls to try and get rid of that awful cigarette smoke smell. Between that and keeping the windows open all day I think we're slowly getting rid of the odor.

I spent another day demo-ing the bathroom, which I'll discuss in a later post, and carrying sheetrock from the house to the dumpster outside (hello, workout!). Then Wednesday I dragged my sister (who thought we were going to spend the day apple picking) begrudgingly to help me paint the exterior. She was less than thrilled but I like to think that by the end I had her laughing and semi-enjoying herself.

The house was a hideous blue shade reminiscent of baby bedrooms, which is a fine color for a shirt or a blanket but not an entire house. We managed to finish the entire backside by lunch and then spent the afternoon working on the front. It's difficult to tell in the picture below because of the shade, but we're painting the house Behr's Cathedral Grey. Once the replacement windows come in and we touch up the white trim it's going to look a lot sharper than the blue did.

                 My sister pretending to be happy working on her day off...

                Halfway through the day...

My dad brought on some guys who helped with some demo in the NH Flip last year for two days and he prefaced it the night before:"The guys coming tomorrow are idiots." I thought, okay, noted. They turned out to be really great workers but my father was right. Within the first half hour at the house my sister and I were in the backyard painting and we heard the ZAP of an electric shock followed by "Dude, are you okay?" We looked at each other with mixed faces of concern and laughter. 

But maybe my favorite part of the day was as we all sat around the driveway eating lunch. One of the guys turned to my sister and I and said, "Did Massachusetts schools have off today or are you guys skipping?" I stopped chewing and said, "Do we look like we're in school?" He looked concerned like maybe he'd said the wrong thing and I followed up with. "No, I'm asking because I'm flattered you think I'm that young. I'm actually thirty-two." I used to be annoyed when someone would think I was underage but now I'm thrilled that the permanent creased on my forehead and crow's feet don't give away my age. I must have good genes.


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