Friday, August 28, 2015

What is Gluten: Part Three

Yesterday morning I got a text from the mother of the boys I babysit saying she'd be ordering dinner from Stone Hearth and did I want anything. Inside I started to throw a hysterical temper tantrum at the idea of watching the boys eat pizza and not being able to have any myself. "I'm actually not eating gluten right now," I texted back, wondering if my invisible tears were transmitting through the phone. "Stonehearth makes gluten free pizza! Look at the menu." I nearly passed out from happiness.

So I asked for The Divine Goddess pizza, which is "Garlic oil, topped with a mixture of fresh spinach, broccoli, local ricotta cheese, garlic, then finished with our cheese blend and a pinch of parmesan." I mean... Yes. Please.

Honest thoughts: the crust was a bit bland. I mean a little salt or herbs baked into the dough would go a long way. However, the crust was nice and thin and crisp and the toppings were supreme so overall I'd say that the gluten really was not missed at all. I did devour THE ENTIRE THING so, you know, obviously it was awful. (Sidenote: how embarrassing is it to leave an empty pizza box in the trash so the parents know you ate an entire pizza? I considered sticking it in my bag to take home just so I wouldn't feel judged.)

So cheers to you, Stone Hearth Pizza, for your organic, local and gluten free options! 

Happy Eating!


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  1. I love the Divine Goddess! One of their best pizzas. Their outdoor patio in Allston is such a hidden gem.


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