Tuesday, August 18, 2015

NH Flip House - First Floor

Now that you've seen how the master suite renovation let's move downstairs. But first let's pause on the staircase. I honestly don't remember what the banister looked like in the beginning (probably blocked it out of my mind because it was so horrible) but I love the iron that my father ultimately went with. It's a tip of the hat to his background in metal fabrication and also a bit of a showpiece.


Living Room:
The living room floors were fine in that they didn't need to be replaced, but they were in desperate need of some TLC. After being worked on they just shone with such a rich, deep brown that I wanted to slide around in my socks, a la Risky Business. 

Please notice the beautifully painted walls and window frames. I am an artiste. Might have gotten a bit of paint on myself but otherwise came away unharmed. I also painted the two downstairs bedrooms, which I didn't take pictures of.


The kitchen was... well what wasn't it? There was faux-brick on one wall (why would someone think that was a good idea?), horrible linoleum floors that when pulled up revealed beautiful hardwood, and cheapo countertops. It had to be gutted like everything else. The final product was big and beautiful.

Look at those floors! Why would someone cover that up with linoleum tile? 

And the barn door for the pantry was made custom but my father, because why buy something if you can make it yourself? Just beautiful. I want it. I don't have space or need for it in my current apartment but when I eventually move I will be requesting one for a Christmas present.

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Downstairs Bathroom:

The first floor bathroom was... gross. Completely gutted, window patched over, and a new toilet, shower/tub and vanity put in along with brand new hardwood floors. (I helped carry that toilet and tub from the store to the truck to the house, thank you very much. That's about my entire contribution to this room.)

And just in case you forgot about the gorgeous deck that I worked on (the before and after)...


So there you have it, the first flip that I was part of. I was only allowed to do the deck and the painting but... I'm starting a new flip with my father in a month and I get to help out with all of it!!! I can't wait. I know, just like with this one, that he's going to find time to remind me that I'm not Nicole Curtis (it's totally normal to go around saying in her intonation, "Why in the hell would you cover this up?!" Totally normal.). And guess what - I'm going to continue wearing my "fashion boots" as he called them. I might even go out and search for a pink toolbox for all my tools. Oooooh, I wonder if I can find a cat decal for it...



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  1. I will die if you carry a pink toolbox with a cat decal. Can't wait to follow your second flip!


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