Friday, April 3, 2015

It's Spring and I'm Writing

I was very much hit with seasonal effective disorder this winter. Between the record snowfall in Boston and the fact that I couldn't move my car for fear of losing my spot during the month-long emergency parking ban, I felt stuck in my apartment. Which was actually fine, because I had no desire to do anything except sit on the couch in sweats, under my favorite blanket with two cats laying on top of me. My tv and I were having a hard-core love affair there for a while. Sigh. And then slowly the snow started to melt, the sky grew brighter and my appendages thawed and I thought, shoot, I have done hardly any writing on the next Elliott Roux book.

But now I'm back at it! Well, except for the nights that the Bruins have games. And I'm getting in a good groove. The cats are thrilled because it means a solid chunk of time that I sit in one position on the bed and they can fight for the coveted lap spot. And Molly's thrilled because there's a certain character arc that she's been dying to read for years now and I'm in the throes of it. So she got to read the teaser chapter the other night and tomorrow I will be writing the official meet-cute of these two characters. But lately, as I daydream about conversations that I have yet to write, I am more excited about the beginning of the third book and I have to tell myself to stop, I'm not there yet. I have to focus on where the characters are now, not where they will be in a few years. It's hard because the very first chapter I wrote for these characters comes three-quarters of the way through this book. It's a chapter that was immensely fun to write and I had the girls read it and beg for more and that's when I went back and wrote KISSING FROGS. Because you really shouldn't put the cart before the horse. 

If you enjoyed reading about Elliott's mis-adventures in dating in KISSING FROGS then get ready for a slew of new characters, new bad dates, new family drama, and even more sauciness. I was nervous with KISSING FROGS that my grandmother would read it and never look at me the same again but she read it and she still loves me so I feel like, ok, phew, I can get a bit saucier now and not worry about how it's perceived by the "older" crowd. 

So happy Friday and cheers to the weekend and all the writing I have yet to do... oh. Maybe I'll just watch a marathon of Outlander instead...



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  1. Ummmmm. So much to love about this post. First, overjoyed that you are writing again. Second, my GIF is perfection. Third, you ended with Chuck Bass? I mean, I can't even handle it.


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