Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Father Daughter

So I spent a few days this week working on the house with my father. I hadn't been there in almost two weeks and in that time a lot of work was done, including the floors. After tearing up the linoleum my dad discovered floors that just needed to be refinished. Look how gorgeous they are now!
The living room:
 The kitchen:
 Monday was my birthday and as such my license expired. So after a day of painting (sidenote: I had previously been using a water-based paint but that day my father wanted me to use an oil-based paint. Did you know that oil-based paint really adheres to skin? Like really adheres. I had no idea.) and thoroughly covering my arms and hands with paint because I had mistakenly thought I would be able to wash it off, we drove to the DMV where I waited an hour to take the second worst picture of my life (the worst picture of my life belongs to my passport). I kind of love how bad it is. And no, you can't see it.
Painting the floorboards:
I am becoming way too acquainted with Lowes and Home Depot. Two trips in one day. But that was Monday.

Tuesday we started off with a trip to a lumber warehouse to pick up some pieces so my father can make baseboards for the place where they are missing due to demo.

After putting the boards in the truck my dad went into the office to pay and I was scrolling through my phone wasting time when I looked up and saw the most handsome face staring back at me. I swear, it was like that scene in West Side Story where Tony and Maria see each other for the first time... I digress. So I walked into the office and met Wyatt. He stood on my foot for a couple of minutes and I'm pretty sure that's the dog equivalent of holding hands. So I guess you could say we're in love.

But back to the house. I spent the days painting window frames, door frames, doors, baseboards, corners, trim... I think that was it. It was a lot of painting. But the house is looking so, so, so good. It's pretty amazing how a coat (or two) of paint can change the appearance of a place.

Soon I will have before and after photos for you. It's going to blow your mind how different the house looks. Just wait.



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  1. The floors look gorgeous. Love the Tony and Maria comparison!


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