Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Glasses Are For Cool Kids

*Please note that my eyes are still dialated as I write this so let's blame spelling errors on that.

This morning I had my eyes checked for the first time since I had a pediatrician. So let's just round up to it being a really long time. I ended up making the appointment after about a year of haggling from a coworker and a friend because I had headaches occasionally and couldn't read street signs from a certain distance. Also, when I was in elementary school I wanted two things: braces and glasses. (No, we don't need to discuss how skewed my vision of "cool" was.) I got braces, a thousand times over, but never glasses. But the potential to get a prescription and go shopping in Warby Parker and make my eight year old dreams come true? I made the appointment.

Aside from the yellow eye drops that felt like I'd smeared my eyeballs with diced onion, it was a really pleasant experience. And I learned the following...

1.) I apparently have a great sense of style, at least when it comes to footwear and sweaters. Who knew.

2.) My job is what's hurting me. Sitting at a computer all day focusing on something close is basically like going to the gym for years and only working on my calves and wondering why I still have that older lady under arm jiggle (it's a touchy subject).

3.) The eyeball is the worst place for rogue cat hairs to hang out.

So you're saying I shouldn't do this...

Or this...

Or this...

I'm not sure how I'm supposed to convince my cats that they aren't allowed to sleep on my head or shed... at all. If I haven't lost an eyeball to the perils of a rogue cat hair yet then I think I'm ok...

Anyways, it turns out my vision is still pretty awesome, but the doctor wrote me a prescription anyways and you better believe I am going to at least go try on a pair of glasses. I HAVE to let my childhood dream come true.

Happy Reading!


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