Thursday, December 12, 2013

Fangirl Moment of Today

On Twitter, for the most part, I only tweet my friends. Because I know they will tweet back. On occasion I have tweeted another writer (one that is well known... cough, John Green). Once I even tweeted Sam Heughan. But they didn't tweet back and then I felt super lame. It made me feel like that person who waves across a big room at another person and gets ignored and then doesn't know if they should call out louder or just awkwardly lower their hand and hope no one witnessed the unrequited wave. Basically it makes me feel like I'm fourteen again with braces, acne and my hair pulled back in a tight bun. I'm going to save your eyes from exploding and not include photographic evidence of my awkward years. Trust me, it wasn't pretty. Pretty awful, more like.

Anywho, I'm a total fan of Beth Horne. She writes for That's Normal, which is in my top three blogs (behind Molly and Kaitlin respectively... I mean they are my actual friends so I have to give them the top two spots, no?), mainly because the girls over there have an equal obsession with Outlander. 

Today Beth tweeted asking about self-publishing and I happened to be on my phone at the time so I responded and then... she tweeted back. And I got the vapors and felt like I should be fanning myself on my Nana's porch in South Carolina. 

She tweeted. Me. Back. 

There was a little back and forth and then she said she'd add I WANT TO HOLD YOUR HAND to her TBR pile and I felt so nerdy and uncool while I sat at my desk looking at my phone thinking, How on earth do I respond to this? Play it cool, Blackburn. Deep breaths. 

So yeah, just a gigantic little case of fangirling over here. No big deal.

Happy Reading!

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