Wednesday, November 13, 2013

When Books Don't Live Up To Hype

Admission: I have not yet read Veronica Roth's ALLEGIANT. I read the first two books in hardcover, but my TBR pile is actually multiple piles right now and I'm trying not to buy so many hardcovers because the price really adds up. So I'm trying not to read tweets or blog posts but it's nearly impossible not to hear some things. And I've heard... well, I've heard some disappointment.

Kaitlin from We Are The Tide texted me the other night: "I am mad." Having not read the book yet we couldn't discuss it (which is killing me because I love a really emotionally charged book discussion), but suggested she blog about it in the meantime. Her post can be found here.

Disappointment in a book happens. And it's ok. For me, I think of it as readers getting really invested in the story and the characters and maybe they imagine how things should go or how they'd like it to go. And the author may not take their characters in a direction you were expecting or hoping for. That can be disappointing and annoying.

But the author is the owner of the story and is allowed to do whatever the heck he or she wants, sometimes to our annoyance or disappointment. I still wish, however many years later, that somehow Jo Rowling would take back Snape's death, along with Fred Weasley. What's George without his equally devious counterpart? Did Teddy Lupin really need to grow up an orphan? I mean really? Don't even get me started on Hedwig. But those weren't my calls to make. I am only a reader and need to take the book as it is or else decide not to read it.

I would love to hear your thoughts on ALLEGIANT, just know that I won't read them until I've read the book which may be a few weeks. I think discussion is important. It means you care about what you're reading. So discuss, argue, agree, really all I can say is keep reading.

Currently reading ELEANOR & PARK. I am in love with this book, but much like when I read ONE DAY, I have this horrible feeling that I'm going to have my heart broken before the last page. But really, isn't that the best kind of book that can draw out emotions like that?

Happy Reading!


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