Friday, October 11, 2013


What I can remember of last night's dream is that I was visiting my surf buddy (who moved a month ago to Colorado) and since last seeing her she had adopted a second dog and a cat. We were trying to move her things and animals from the car to her house and I was having trouble figuring out how to get both bouncing dogs and one squirming cat into her new place. I mentioned this to bff Olivia and her explanation was so spot on that I feel quite dumb for not realizing it myself. I am stressing about everything I have to do before I leave on Sunday. I have errands to run, packing to do, a car to drop off to the body shop (did I mention I was rear-ended last Sunday?) and Bug and Beans to drop off at my father's house. What will calm me down is to make a list. I just haven't done that yet.

And there's so much on my dvr right now and so many shows set to record while I'm gone that inevitably something will be deleted without my being able to watch it. Ugh.

I'm also unsure which books to pack. I was thinking a John Green book (maybe LOOKING FOR ALASKA) and ELEANOR AND PARK. But that means carrying more than one book and I always overpack thinking I will read more than I actually do. So then I'm wondering if I should just bring the next SONG OF FIRE AND ICE book, though I can't remember which one I last read, because then I'll only be carrying one book and there's no way I will finish it on the trip. Decisions, decisions!

As for what clothes to pack, I'm not worried. I really just need my galoshes, sweaters and a rain coat, right? Oh and my camera. And maybe some pants. 

Do you have any book recommendations for my trip? Any must-reads?



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