Monday, July 1, 2013

Thank You's

I just wanted to take a moment to thank two people who helped me with "I Want To Hold Your Hand".

First, for his design genius, Nick Hillyard. I will openly admit that when it comes to technology I am pretty basic. I know how to do simple things like check email, upload pictures from my camera or phone to my computer, use Word, download music. But that's about it. So I went to Nick with a picture I had taken of my sister and asked him whether it was possible to change all the grass to snow and alter some of the background. He was probably laughing at my request. To me those requests are the equivalent of running a marathon, neither of which I would be able to do. But he did it (and more) and made the cover look amazing and I am so thankful that I have talented friends. Otherwise I would have ended up with this...

And then after sending that to friends to get their thoughts (Why is your stick character holding a branch? Oh, it's supposed to be a hand? Stephanie...) I would have undoubtedly gone with this...

So thank you Nick, for being creative, talented, and willing to help me!!!

Also, I would like to thank my #1 cheerleader and bff, Molly Galler. She is always ready and willing to read whatever I'm working on regardless of her crazy schedule. Even if she doesn't always enjoy it (I know you struggled through LM, Molly and I am so appreciative of you pushing through) she still gives me great feedback and is always cheering me along and for that I am grateful from the bottom of my heart. It helps when I'm feeling doubtful about my writing dreams to know she's behind me. She's a busy girl and you can check out her blog for great restaurant reviews (among other things).

Thank you both!!!



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  1. You are simply the sweetest. It's my absolute pleasure to read your work and I always feel like I'm getting a sneak peek at greatness.

    I love the images you showed of what the cover would look like without Nick. HA! It's true, he did an amazing job.


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