Monday, July 15, 2013

Birthday Weekend

Thursday evening I was babysitting Little L. She turned four this spring and is now "a big girl". As such, she is now talking non-stop and is very assertive and blunt in a way that is still super cute. Over her dinner of spaghetti we had a conversation that I can't quite recall the beginning of, but it went something like this.

Me: When you get to be an adult you can live in your own house wherever you want. And you can have dogs or cats... or maybe a goat?
Little L: (shaking her head adamantly at my goat comment) I want two cats like you.
(Silence for a minute as she took a bite.)
Little L: You live with your two cats... and your husband?
Me: No, I don't have a husband... just me and my cats. (I immediately thought of how my grandmother makes it a point to slip into every phone call that she is always waiting for me to call with "good news", which inevitably means she is waiting for me to get engaged... to my non-existent boyfriend.)
Little L: Why you not have a husband?
Me: I just don't. I haven't met him yet. But I think he's out there somewhere. (And for good measure I made a sweeping gesture towards the view of the Boston skyline out the window. Little L. looked very hard like maybe she'd be able to find him out there and I wondered if somehow my grandmother had told her to ask that.)

So then when I went home and had a cloudy moment where I was not so happy about the whole turning thirty business. But then Friday I received a bouquet of my favorite flowers, I was surprised with a party (and really good food), saturday even though the day started with mist/rain I had the best surfing day, I got to spend time with my friends and family and then Karla from Book Addict posted a review of I WANT TO HOLD YOUR HAND and my whole weekend was made. When I read the review over the phone to my mother (because she still lives in the dark ages of dial-up) she was silent on the other end.

Me: Mum, are you there? (She was still silent but I thought maybe I'd heard a sniffle.) Are you... are you crying?
Mum: I'm just so proud of you! (And then she let loose and cried on the other end.)

Best birthday weekend ever. It was all around just fantastic. So since I'm still on a birthday high (or maybe it's belated surf stoke), I've decided to keep the Amazon price at $.99 for the remainder of July. So if you have not yet purchased "I Want To Hold Your Hand", well, what are you waiting for? Click here and buy it.

Happy Reading!

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