Thursday, May 3, 2012


So lately I've been taking the bus, which stops at the end of my street, instead of just walking the fifteen minutes to the T. I am lazy, I know. But more than that, taking the bus allows me an extra ten minutes of sleep and cuddle time with Bug. It's hard to say no to both of those in the morning. So now that I'm taking the bus, depending upon just how late I'm running in the morning, I sometimes find myself waiting next to this couple. One or both of them also lives on my street. I don't know if they live together or not, but they come around the corner to the bus stop pawing at each other, scrabbling to just be in some form of contact with each other for the five minutes we wait for the bus. They are clearly in love.

 I love being in love. That feeling that consumes you like a fire, sometimes blazing, other times smoldering, and seems to warm your body from the inside out, leaving your cheeks (at least mine) pink. It's an amazing feeling. And I'm happy for this couple that they have found each other, because clearly they are so smitten, and obsessed, and infatuated with one another.

 My issue lies in their PDA. Maybe I have become a curmudgeon in my old age of twenty-eight. Maybe it's because they are in love and I currently am not. Maybe it's because of my germaphobia. But I get this instinctive need to gag (like, literally feel sick) when they start to swallow each other's face. I am not exaggerating when I tell you that they stop by the bus sign and kiss. And kiss. And kiss until the bus literally pulls up beside them.  I sometimes think they are completely unaware that other people exist around them.

On Monday the other guy waiting for the bus turned to me and said, "I feel like we just watched a real life romance movie happening." Meanwhile I was trying to keep the bile down and felt a sudden need to sanitize my hands. Admittedly I have never been okay with PDA. Not ever. It makes me feel squirmy, and my skin begins to prickle, and then I just want to shower and brush my tongue alternately. But I suppose all that can be done is to either get up earlier or sleep another ten minutes and miss the real life romance movie entirely. I vote for extra sleep.


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